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Basic Muay Thai

Learn the basics with other new trainees. Intimate classes tailored to your specific goals. Whether you are here to be the next Buakaw, or just want a good workout with your wife, we have got you covered.

Advanced Muay Thai

So you know what you are doing now, this is where our more stubborn students work out. Advanced Muay Thai is a mixture of fighters and more advanced trainees. Here we focus more on sparring and fighting skills. Don't worry though, we're still friendly!

Competition Muay Thai

Invite only, 4 hours of training, full contact sparring. Sound like fun to you? This is where our fighters and most advanced students train. Not for public consumption, but some of us are crazy enough to want to do this! A strong will and excellent cardio are required.

Maryland's #1 Muay Thai Gym


Train For Free!

We're so confident that you will love our gym and our family that we ask each and every student who walks through our doors to try training with us for 30 days free. Why 30 days? We don't think that a single free class like many gyms offer is nearly enough for someone to see if there is a fit. We want every student to be sure before they make a commitment. Besides, we know you will stick around!

6 Muay Thai Classes Per Day!

With classes as early as 6:30 a.m and as late as 9:30 we have training schedules to fit any schedule. Our trainees range from full time fighters to busy professionals, and everyone is able to build training regimes that fit their schedules.

7 Training Areas!

One of Maryland's biggest gyms with a variety of facilities for all training types. It's important for our students development to have a variety of facilities. With a full size boxing ring, a full size octagon, a bag room, a weight room and 7 different matted training floors, we have something for everyone.

Coached By Active Fighters!

All of our classes are coached by people actively competing both at a professional and amateur level. Our coaches range from pro MMA fighters to up and coming amateur kickboxers. A variety of coaching styles and backgrounds helps make sure our students are well balanced with a variety of perspectives.

What Our Members Have To Say!


"Being an Olympic athlete it is very hard to impress me... Crazy 88 blow my mind every time I walk through the door. The team at Crazy 88 are some of the fittest, most dedicated athletes I have ever seen. "

"Nick Delpopolo"

"THe number one thing that impresses me about Crazy 88 is the environment... I would recomment training at Crazy 88 to anyone regardless if your goal is to be in better shape, compete, or just pick up as a hobby."

"Peter Petties"


"At Crazy 88 I've found discipline and an extended family... I love this place and I look forward to seeing how far I will go in my training."

"Jen Watson"

Meet Our Coaches!


Aung La Nsang

Muay Thai Coach- MMA



Competition Team Coach


Peter Petties

Muay Thai Coach- Basics

28 Classes Per Week
3 Number Of Locations
30 Free Days To Train

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to fight?

Absolutely not, we train and provide for everyone from working moms trying to get fit to 20 somethings who want to be the next Buakaw. If you do want to fight though, we'll be happy to add you to our roster.

Do I need to have previous experience?

No. Everyone comes in a with a different background. Whether you have been too busy to work out, or you just graduated and miss college sports, we have programs to fit everyone.

How often do I need to train?

Our fighters train six days per week, but our most casual trainees can train as little as two. It all depends of your goals.

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